With a complete lack of sentimentality…

I want to say hello to all you out there who are suffering from the ravages of the Samaritan Radar app. It’s pointless, destructive and if not against the law then it is morally wrong.

I’m concerned about all of those of you who feel they have to lock down their Twitter accounts or, in some cases, delete them altogether because you are so afraid of the backlash and invasive nature of the app.

Please don’t delete your accounts but if it makes you feel better then unfollow the people you’re not sure about. If they’re genuinely supportive they will understand and want you to feel comfortable. Lock your accounts if it helps you feel more secure but don’t stop talking to the people you know and trust on your timeline.

I’m refusing to lock my account especially having tackled a few trolls the past couple of days. I’m lucky that, for now at least, I have the resilience to tackle them and see them off. Believe me, karma will out.

I’m not just defending myself, I’m defending you. I have a voice and I will shout until we are all heard and we can once more use Twitter as the greatly supportive and loving source of comfort that it can be.

I’m @WeirdSid and I’d welcome you if you followed me. I’m not good at following huge amounts of people because one of the side effects of bipolar disorder for me is being a little confused at times but I always chat back and I will always support people genuinely in need. I don’t have all the answers and sometimes I can do nothing but supply a hug but I’m good at hugs.

Take heart, you are not alone. There’s a lot of us fighting this battle and, one way or another we’ll win. Keep tweeting, you’re too valuable to lose from our timelines.

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