Today nothing happened

It’s three weeks until I go away for a few days and I’m getting excited about it. I took Ogden on the last two occasions and that proved to be stressful for both of us so this time he’s staying with a pet sitter for a few day. Today I bought the mini toiletries to take with me and that makes me really happy because it means I’m planning my packing.

I also bought a new washing up bowl today so no more thinking I’m going mad because the water is draining out of the old one which is good and, sad as this sounds, I really like the colour.

I’ve started a mood board today to remind me of what is important and what can help me when I forget what does help me. It will include reminders to rest and eat but also some positive messages to myself. It sounds like the crap I normally avoid but it’s a good idea for me. I won’t be sharing it with anybody else – it’s a private tool for managing an illness I have and to manage the changes that are happening because of heaven knows what.

It’s been a day when nothing has happened but it has been full. A bit too full and it’s got to the point where I’m awake and I should be asleep so, happy to be at the end of a day without incidents of any kind, I’m off to bed.