The slime in the vinegar bottle

It’s been one of those days that have been a great big mixture of heaven knows what. Not big things or immovable things but just things – day to day things.

I’ve been thinking all weekend about today for two reasons the first being a happy one and the second is something that terrifies me.

My lovely dog (Ogden Nash) has been living with me a year today having travelled for two days from southern Spain last year. It’s been a bit tearful thinking about it over the weekend because I was desperate for him to arrive but, not having met him and having a houseful of cats and rats, I wasn’t sure if I’d made the best decision for either him or me. I have by the way and we have a mutual adoration society. So that part of today has been a bit on the wonderful side.

The terrifying thing was the visit to an oral surgeon. I have a dental phobia and have to be treated at a hospital so I’ve felt so sick all day I’ve barely been able to eat. This is serious because I can, and do, eat for England. To make matters worse I’m in the middle of a second complaint about the Trust and I’ve argued with this particular surgeon on the phone. We were very polite with each other, he’s agreed to the treatment I want as opposed to that I strictly need and it will go ahead. His nurse was lovely and she sat and held my hand when I cried and didn’t wince too much when I squeezed a little too tight when it came to sitting in the chair.

There was the very brief visit to Times Past Sweets to buy liquorice root (I’m experimenting with flavoured sugar) and to have a hug with the lovely Sue who owns the shop. Friends like that always make the day better.

I had an interaction with someone this morning. He has mental health issues but he’s also economical with the truth and I vacillate between empathy and impatience with him and today was definitely an impatience day.

I came home and finished a piece of writing for a community website. It’s my voluntary job and I write about charities which can be quite uplifting. The guy I’ve been writing about today is running the equivalent of 7 marathons over three days in September which makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. Check out his website and see his madness for yourself!

I got back home from the dental hospital and took my dog out for a walk to the bark park. There was an unruly puppy in there and her owner hasn’t a clue about how to be train her. She thinks being firm with a puppy is hard hearted and so we cut short our time there and went elsewhere. It’s lovely being out with my dog but I don’t want to be mobbed by other people’s dogs.

It’s evening and Ogden and I have just had our last little walk of the day. It’s cool outside and I’m now in a better mood to do the washing up. As I gathered the bits and pieces that need washing I picked up the decorative vinegar bottle I’d used earlier to find that it has slime inside. I have no idea how a scrupulously clean bottle with fresh vinegar can grow slime but it has and, since I used it on my evening meal, I’ve ingested some of that slime. I now feel sick.

It’s been a curate’s egg kind of day (mostly good) but I bet that curate never had to deal with slime in the vinegar bottle.