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I think it’s fair to say that, reading from the title of this particular blog post, you can guess I’ve had a stressful day.

The old kitchen got stripped out this morning and it’s going to take about two weeks to become the new one. The council have a contractor to do them and each step has to be done in turn before the next team can come in and do their bit.

My kitchen was supposed to be ripped out yesterday but, as I was in London yesterday, they had to delay it a day. This meant that the plumber coming this morning to fit a temporary sink unit had to do it this afternoon.

Today has been very cold and so I couldn’t take Ogden out for the whole time that they were working (about 4 hours in total) so there’s been a lot of barking and whining and begging me to stop the noise.

The contractor claims that they can’t say when the team will be coming round only whether or not there will be some activity in the kitchen that day and where on the list I’ll be. They can’t give me a time because they don’t know how long previous jobs will take. They can’t tell me what time it won’t be before (that should be an easy one) so that I can go out and get some fresh air or some shopping so that when they do arrive I can concentrate on getting Ogden into a stress free atmosphere. Of course not because THAT WOULD BE HELPFUL.

They’re gone until Monday and then it’s asbestos day which means we really are better off out of the flat so I’m hoping it’s not going to rain.

On Tuesday Ogden is having his toe amputated so you can guarantee that is the one day that they will not work on the kitchen. He’s going to be away from home until mid-afternoon so there’d be no barking or stress or me getting the headache from hell so Sod’s Law it will be.

I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of me being away immediately prior to the work on the kitchen starting but I’m glad I did because when Ogden is barking and there’s a racket going on in the kitchen I can be sat, in my mind at least, beside a roaring fire in a pub in Chislehurst.