The best laid plans…

Ogden is away until tomorrow afternoon as a practise for when I go away in August. I was supposed to be having oral surgery today but that fell through for a couple of reasons so I planned to go a museum today as I do Instagram tours of museums which is a lot of fun and it keeps me off street corners. The friend I was going with needed physiotherapy today so we had to abandon the idea. We went shopping for sweets then had cake, talked politics and watched a bit of a fight in the centre of town where two blokes had been kicked of a bus.

My friend’s granddaughter is going to school full-time in September so she will have time on her hands after 4 years of child minding and so we got talking about photos and cameras and the gorgeous app I have that uses my camera as wifi and transfers photos from camera to phone and it’s got her fired up for photography again. She will need a new laptop too so we’re going to arrange an afternoon where we can shop for a computer and a camera which is going to be so much fun.

IMG_7367While I was out I searched out a sculpture of a railway man and his horse. Given the population of Bristol few people will have seen it so I’m happy that I found it. I love sculpture and so it’s always great to find a new one to add to the list of favourites though none will ever surpass Ghengis Khan by Dashi Namdakov.

I walked by home via Guillbert’s chocolate shop (and no I haven’t eaten half the box, that’s a rumour) and then walked back home to sit in a puddle of my own sweat and I’m still sat in it so it’s time to sit out on the step and drink a very cold 7-Up and try not to think about Ogden.