So I’ve done it…

I had said I would delete my Twitter account as a birthday gift to myself but I did it this afternoon instead. It just felt like the right time. I’d said goodbye, I’d gathered up the people I want to keep in touch and so it was time, the right time and it felt good.

I changed the password to something I wouldn’t remembered and then I deactivated it. I expected to feel something when I pressed the button but there was nothing – no apprehension, no regrets, no doubt, no relief because it was the best thing to do for me.

Twitter has taken up a lot less of my day lately than it used to but a dip into it can easily take an hour. You post a photo or tweet something or reply to a tweet and it can easily lead into an hour. I’ve found myself wanting to engage less with people and it was something that I was growing apart from.

An hour a day can make a big difference. I can read 60 pages of a book in that time, or get a loaf of bread ready to bake, I could cook something for freezing for the days when I can’t cook, I can actually edit the photos I take and get back using Flickr again or I could use that hour to further explore my family tree.

It’s been a good day all round. Ogden had the afternoon with Rob, I had a really long  walk and bought some  new note books so that I can take notes as I go through my day and stitch together a blog post from them.

I bought some refills for my Cross pen (it’s not cross, it’s quite good humoured, that’s just the make) and showed myself up in the shop because I couldn’t remember how to open it to check which refill I had to buy. Eventually I had to go onto YouTube and find out how to do. I’ll never forget how to do it ever again.

I wandered down to the museum and listened to some music through ear pods and the sound of children causing chaos bounced off the walls, vocal bullets ricocheting through the exhibits. When I was younger you weren’t allowed to talk into museums and needed permission to breathe out. It was refreshing to listen to them having fun but I soon tired of the sound.

Half way home there was a woman wearing a black t-shirt with huge head phones on her head that looked like ear muffs that produced music. She was stood by the Matthew making giant bubbles for yet another group of over-excited children who were screeching so loud that I swear dolphins all over the world were holding their ears.

I’ve been on Facebook tonight and saw that a friend has also deleted her Twitter account. It’s not the place it used to be and besides, it’s time to live wholly in the real world.again.