Excuse me while I ramble

Life is interesting at the moment and I’m enjoying being who I am again now I’m not relentlessly upbeat and unempathic.

I went to an exhibition last week which was Bristol landmarks knitted and all stitched together. They missed off the churchyard I live in of course. It’s the oldest part of Bristol but is constantly overlooked because it’s in the kind of area that people think is just too awful. We have a few bearded wonders who live round here but they’re the people who want to be living in the place where the people living there want to be living in Hotwells. It means that they’re actually not too far removed from us at least class wise but they’d never admit it.


After I’d been to the exhibition I drove a crane. One of the cranes outside MShed was open to the public and I got to go up into the cabin on my own with the volunteer who does the tour and he let me take control of the crane. That was worth getting out of bed for. Truly.

I go through phases when I’m totally unenamoured with Bristol and the people who claim to be Bristolians. They’re not of course, they’ve lived here a few years at most. We all know the type – they move into an area because they like it and set about “improving” it or buy in the area because it’s “up and coming” and get resentful when the locals take the piss out of the at every opportunity. (I am so guilty of that.)

I’m in one of those phases now. The truth is that I’d leave Bristol like a shot if I had the money. I’d probably move to Kent which has become my second home and I’d love to live by the proper seaside again.

The fact that I can sit and ramble on a  bit is lovely as it means I’m back into the instability that I can cope with. I’m doing okay really. Anyway, excuse me as it’s getting cooler and a certain dog needs a walk down the harbour to help him cool off.