Psychosis and the washing up bowl

At least half a dozen times today I’ve filled the washing up bowl and each time the water has disappeared. I’ve done things that demand concentration and attention to detail and it has worn me out so for a while I thought I was mistaken.

Then I realised that I wasn’t mistaken and that the water really was disappearing. This confused me and also scared me quite a bit. I won’t go into details but I felt that the low level psychosis I experience from time to time was present. Given my insomnia, state of mind and general tiredness then there was always a chance that psychosis would put in an appearance.

I did something that felt really brave and it felt brave because it would either offer a reason for the disappearing water or confirm psychosis. I filled the bowl again and watched the water disappear from the bowl right in front of my eyes. The level dropped rapidly until it was completely empty. Spooky or what?

It turned out to be an or what. When I examined the bowl it had a big crack in the bottom that wasn’t easy to see because of the colour of the bowl. By this time it was too late to go and buy another bowl and, let’s face it, the odds on me actually doing washing up today were pretty slim.

The moral of the story? Things aren’t always what they seem, they aren’t necessarily as bad as they appear and the washing up can always wait.