Perspective, plums and lemon & lime curd

Ogden went to Rob’s yesterday as he usually does on Wednesdays and an hour or so after he went I had to pop out to the shops. I was surprised to see him walking down the street with Rob as I’d never seen them like that before.

Ogden was walking well on the lead and what I found amazing was that he’s a big dog! He’s my baby and though I know how far up my leg he reaches it was seeing him from a distance that hit home how big he actually is. This is presumably why people are surprised when they meet him. Or maybe they don’t expect to fall in love with him at first sight.

The upshot was is that I saw him as others see him and I no longer wonder how other people find him as entrancing as I do.

While I was out there was an incident in the flat next door. The former tenant died a couple of months ago and the council are doing the required work to make it ready for occupation. The man whose wall shares the flat got really pissed off with the news yesterday and came round and head butted the man who was working on the flat because of the noise that was being made. Work has stopped on the flat.

The man who did the head butting is notorious for his loud music that can be heard 100 yards ago and now suddenly he has some sort of insight into how invasive noise can be. Whether he learns from it or not is another matter and he may well be evicted as a result of his actions.

At the Bark Park tonight we watched Casey dig a hole and drop his ball into it and then get it back out again (he did this several times but then he is easily amused) covering it up and uncovering as he went. Meanwhile Frankie and Honey ran around like there was no tomorrow and Ogden sat in his usual spot ignoring them until he thought they’d had enough fun and barked at them to stop.


One of the dog walkers, who has become a good friend, has plums ready in her garden so we’ve agreed a swap – I get plums and she gets homemade lemon and lime curd so we’re both happy.

I’ve done a lot today and I’m tempted to do more but a chat with a friend has reminded me that I shouldn’t be over stretching myself and the thing that I was planning to do is better done in the morning and it buys me an early night with the latest Harry Potter.

I need to learn from this day but I’m not sure how much the lesson learned will sink in. I can advise other people how best to manage their lives but, like other people, I’m not always good at managing mine.