Park plans, IBS and the usual drivel

I retired from community work a long time ago – about six years ago. Voluntary work is a thankless task at the level I was doing it. It’s great if you’re working in a charity shop or as part of a team but if you’re leading the team or part of the decision making for big changes then it’s incredibly stressful.

In my time I’d worked closely with the local police and the police graffiti unit (now a victim of the cuts and no longer around), the fire service and with the children’s play services at the local council to name but a few.

I commissioned a report on what young people wanted in the area and why so many of them were out drinking in the parks on Friday nights (the parents had too much to do with that) and my swan song was troubleshooting on the refurbishment of a retail street. I’m proud of what I’ve done but I was glad to leave it behind.

Recently I’ve been talking to a neighbourhood officer from the council and, though I’m determined not to get too involved, I’ve been spending time with her in a positive way and today I got the proposed plans for the churchyard in which I live. They are a disaster.

There are 241 bodies still in the ground of the churchyard and unless you have permission from the Home Office you cannot do anything more than shove a few bulbs into the ground and the plans involve a proposal to dig out a 15th century preaching cross and plant new trees. This is from the team that made the last proposal several years ago and it was all explained to them back then. Unfortunately they’ve not learned or think that laws have been changed just for them.

I had wanted a nice hour or two out with Ogden tonight but IBS put an end to that. When the pains start you know it’s not like to end happily so I had to cut short that time and come back home. He did get a longer walk in the end but it wasn’t in the company of other dogs and that’s really important for him.

Anyway the upshot is that I didn’t get angry at the idiots that drew up the plans, the world didn’t end because me and Ogden had to come home early and I had fish fingers for tea. Not bad really, now excuse me while I go and catch some Pokémon…