You don’t know me…

I often see people on social media say that they are the same person online as they are in real life but are they?

I have several social media accounts and I use each one differently so how do you know which is the real me and how much is the me that I want you to see?

On Instagram it’s huge amounts of photos that I share with Twitter and  Facebook. On Facebook I share news articles. Twitter is where I tend to talk into the void and I am a little shy of joining in conversations.

How many of you, even the people I’ve met in real life, know me?


Which one is me?


My hair, what’s that like? Colour of my eyes? What’s the contents of my wardrobe? My favourite colour? Ogden my gorgeous dog who died last year – where did he come from and what did he look like? Here’s a good one – what kind of accent do I have? Know any of the jobs I’ve done in the past?

There are people who know more about us than others but even then they don’t know the whole person. We give away ourselves piecemeal and save the best stuff for ourselves. We reveal what we think we can trust people with and some deserve that trust more than others.

We never show ourselves in our entirety to anyone else so how can we say we are the same on social media as we are in real life? I can’t.

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