Here I go again…

The weirdsid website evolved from a blog that I started about the same time that I began using social media.

The original site was mental health heavy and as I learned to live with severe mental illness the posts reminded me of how my life was changing. I live with a mental illness, I manage it reasonably well but I don’t cope with the effects it has and each time I looked at the old website I was reminded of that.

This is a new beginning. I will mostly ramble about my life and if there is a mental health element to my posts then it will be a part and not the whole.

My life is me and I’m sure you won’t be enthralled by it but I’m hoping it will help me become a better writer. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to inflict my fiction upon you. No-one deserves that.

Soho Square

I’ve been writing a diary which has been good for me but there’s something satisfying about writing about how you feel, holding your breath until you’re blue in the face and then pressing the publish button.

I rarely edited my mental health posts because I wanted to show the raw emotions that come with mental illness but this is different so I’ll attempt to edit what I write now.

Finally, this website will feature photos (at least one on every post) because photography is a huge part of my life and without it I think I’d stop in my tracks.

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