Let’s talk about communities

In any village, town or city there are distinct communities. Some of them are geographical and some begin because a cause unites them or there is a need to fight a perceived enemy.

For some of the the communities that are unorganized in structure but strong in bond (usually those people who have lived in an area for generations) the enemy can be the incomers who decide they like an area and then move in and attempt to change it.

Incomers to any place have to establish communities and too many times they create an artificial community that alienates the people who have lived there all of their lives and who whose families have inhabited the area for countless years.

I come from an area that is an old established community. We have no groups or none that last (they’re usually set up by enthusiastic incomers who despair when they fail miserably) because we don’t actually need them. We are part of a tribe and need no structure for we are the structure.

People who move into our area always say that they feel it is a real community. Some of those people never feel part of the community and they break the rules that nobody has ever defined and nobody will ever define them.

Incomers set up groups and huddle together making artificial communities. We tend to laugh a bit at these groups because, if you let it happen, you grow together as a community and don’t need a constitution or a name to do that. All you have to do is talk to your neighbours and be inclusive and, though it does take years, the community will grow.

There is no magic formula for growing a community but time is the key so make time and take time and don’t try to change that which doesn’t need to be changed.