Let’s count some blessings…

I woke up this morning a little whizzy but with usable energy and so I had no reason to suppose that today would be a bad day.

I baked bread and while I was waiting for the prove I knocked out a batch of triple chocolate chip cookies. Both of which are easy peasy for me and I now have my bread and sweet baking drawer in freezer filled to the brim.

Then halfway through the washing up I started shaking. This is not a good sign and is a herald of a real soar to the top of my scale of mania. I was worried that it would become a “storm” episode that ends in self harm but luckily it didn’t.

I sent a text to a friend saying to ignore me if I sent texts about being manic today and, of course, shot myself in the foot with that. I didn’t want to overload someone who has more than enough on their plate as it is and didn’t want to disturb them when I really wanted a hug from them. I am an absolute idiot at times.

So given all this are there any blessings to my day? Of course they are and they are listed below.

  • Finn has met Moley and Kenneth and it didn’t end in tears.
  • Ogden has fallen in love with Finn and hasn’t stolen his food. Yet.
  • I got back to 1797 on one branch of my family tree.
  • I realised I needed to eat and bought a takeaway without feeling guilty.
  • I remembered to do all the things I need to do to lessen an episode of mania and that’s no mean feat for me even if it was only a partial success.
  • I had my homemade sausage for breakfast.
  • Finn cuddled up on the bed with me and has realised that I’m his mum.

Blessings indeed.