Kaolin but no morphine

imageI won’t go into details but today has also been about IBS and, strangely enough, loperamide that is two years out of date doesn’t work hence the need to go and buy something and that something turned out to be kaolin tablets. They are revolting and no where near as pleasant as they pretended they were going to be (the packaging lies) and they were very disappointing re the lack of morphine…

I blogged a while back about how the website was going to have injections of my life now and not just about mental health which means I’ll be illustrating my blogs with the photos I’ve taken whether they’re relevant to the things I’m writing about or not. I can’t really pepper a post about mania with photos of my dog. In theory.

Anyway, the thing that made the IBS flare up was something I ate last night and I only realised what it was and why about five minutes ago and yes, I ate some more of it earlier this evening. I really need to give myself a good slapping.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep blogging daily but it’s really good to spend 20 minutes waffling into the ether and it makes me less edgy and more able to manage the crapness that bipolar disorder is putting me through.

There you are – my day.