Just when you thought I’d shut up…

StarlingI haven’t written here for a while because I’ve been a bit busy.

I have a voluntary job which I can do when I want and to what extent I want. I write articles about charities for a community website and I’m the one in the driving seat. This week I’ve been writing for that and also preparing to go away for a few days.

The going away is actually quite a big thing for me. Eight years ago I was able to manage a day trip and aspired to spending one night away from home and now I do two with ease. Next month it will be three nights away and, though it sounds like something small, it’s huge for me.

I’ve got a nice social life over in Bromley that’s built up over the years and I always look forward to catching up with people. If I get the chance I go to neighbouring towns and villages to look at churches and graveyards – there’s a lot of history just waiting to be seen. It doesn’t sound like a riotously exciting time but for me it’s wonderful.

What has also been keeping me a little preoccupied this week is the thought of my cholesterol levels. I had a blood test last week and so I’m just waiting for the results. Last month, after seeing the consultant psychiatrist and him having vaguely mentioned cholesterol levels, I decided to make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of fat and sugar in my diet.

I got weighed this morning (yes I know weighing yourself isn’t a perfect indicator of weight loss so don’t shout at me) and I’ve lost 7lbs. My bras are fitting better and I’m not having an sugar cravings (okay, small ones) though the second week I thought I was going to chew my hands off if I didn’t get some sugar!

On Wednesday I’ll be offered free biscuits etc when I’m on the train but I’m not going to indulge as much as I usually do. Certainly no crisps even though it delights me to ask for cheese and onion and watch all the noses turn up at the thought of the smell…

There it is. I’ve been busy by my standards and I’m not going to measure my busyness with anybody else’s because that’s a bit on the stupid side. I’m going to be happy with the fact that right now I’m not just managing, I’m coping and that’s a great feeling.