Insomnia, rats and the cat that won’t stop purring

I am not sleeping well and haven’t been for a month or so now. It’s not the hot weather it’s all bipolar stuff but last night was the worst of all.

I was wide awake until 1.00 when I fell asleep. At 4.30 a great big purring lump jumped on my bed (how he got in the room I don’t know) and began to purr in his loudest voice and his quietest voice is too loud.


Over the next hour he tortured me with his patting of my face, biting of my toes and knocking things off the bedside table – all accompanied by his incredibly loud purring.

Then Mister decided to play with Ogden so I had purring lump and big dog trying to get under the bed, scattering dust bunnies as they went, thinking it was a jolly jape.

Then the boy rats added to the noise. I adopted the boy rats when I should have said no and they make a lot of noise at night which isn’t helping my insomnia so I think it’s time to rehome them. I don’t want to have animals that I’ll resent and I really can’t cope with them. They don’t really want to be handled and, even though they’re lovely boys, I find it hard to interact with animals that don’t want to interact!

This is all on the back of several nights of little sleep but I have to let them go because if my sanity goes then we’re all paddling up a faeces ladened creek.