I found a lump…

… and I had a vaginal discharge that had started to get worse. I decide to explore to see if there was a polyp growing on my cervix as this had happened in the past. What I didn’t expect to find was a huge lump that seemed to be filling my vagina. I thought it was a uterine prolapse and seem to fill all the criteria and I wasn’t that worried it was malignant as it was a smooth swelling. (Malignant lumps feel bumpy and uneven as a rule.) A chat with a GP on the phone confirmed that he thought the same thing and I was given an appointment to go into the surgery to have a check by a woman doctor.

The examination was thorough and hurt. It became apparent early on in the examination that it wasn’t a uterine prolapse and that it may not have been a prolapse so I made an appointment to see my regular GP and chat over the options with him. By now I was worried even though I didn’t want to be as I still didn’t believe that it was malignant.

My GP informed me that he thought that a vaginal scan was the best option as it would rule out an awful lot (including the unlikely malignant diagnosis) and would give good indications about just which kind of specialist that I needed a referral to,

The scan hurt. A lump of the size mine is really gets in the way makes it difficult to manoeuvre round a small space. The good thing is that she too was convinced that it wasn’t malignant and that whatever it was it was likely to be repairable. I walked away feeling a little more relieved.

I got the results of the scan this morning just two weeks after finding the lump and I have a prolapsed urethra that is affecting my bladder and will only get worse so an operation to fix it is the only option. It will be laparoscopic surgery and there’s a good chance that I’ll only be there for the day. It will hurt in the after days but I’ll be all back to normal really quickly. Having an anaesthetic worries me but not unduly. I’ve had them before and made the predictable idiot of myself during the coming to period but nothing too bad. I’ll worry about the operation nearer the time.

On my way back home I decided that I had to do something to celebrate the gratefulness that it wasn’t much more serious than it could have been. I’ve recently got my first full size oven in 20+ years and have just began to start baking again. I’ve won with scones, cookies & cake so I decided to try bread. It turns out I’m good at bread. Kneading the dough to music became a mindful experience and as I kneaded I relaxed and enjoyed the day.

So, whoever you are and whatever your gender, check for lumps and don’t be afraid if you do find one. Remember there is always a positive to any day even if the news is bad. I discovered my bread making talents and may not have as I may never have had the need or opportunity to occupy myself the way I did. Some times the silver linings find you and sometimes you have to make your own.

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