Ken Tait – let’s end the stigma of mental health

Ken Tait is a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

Let’s End the Mental Health Stigma

I wonder why people are afraid to talk about Mental Health.

Is it because they see people that have some mental illness as someone to be avoided because they may catch what ever the person has.

Or do they see these people as if they should still be in a Victorian mental health institution?

I find it very curious why this is so.

I believe that we will all suffer some sort of mental ill health at some point in our life. This can be through stress. Yes I know that there is good stress e.g. getting that report/essay done in time, or studying for an exam. However even that type of stress can lead to anxiety, such as, what if my report/essay is not up to scratch, if I fail this exam my life is over. Stress can often lead to depression, making the person feeling worthless, I am a bad person for not studying enough and so deserve to fail.

Stress, anxiety and depression are not the only types of mental ill health. The loss of a partner, friend, or even a favourite pet can lead people on a downward spiral of despair and prolonged grief.

Phobias are another area of mental ill health e.g. fear of spiders, mice, flying insects, birds, heights etc. the list is endless.

Addictions most people that smoke would probably not think of themselves as having a mental illness, as most people when thinking of addictions think of gambling, drinking and hard drugs. (Nicotine is a hard and dangerous drug).

I think where society has a problem with Mental Health is those that suffer schizophrenia, bipolar, and psychosis. These are great headline stuff for the papers as society think these people are bad and should be locked up, back to our Victorian institutions again. I would agree that some of those that have schizophrenia, bipolar, and psychosis may require to be contained for their own and others protection, however, there are many who with the right drugs and therapy are able to function very well in our society.

The problem is that some are not monitored correctly to ensure that they are taking their drugs and therapy, and this is when problems start and this is when society becomes fearful of the person. It is this psyche that society hold on to when dealing with all mental health people. This fear, “that they will do me harm”, or as I said earlier “I will catch this disease”. In fact this fear is in its self a form of mental illness. As it is an irrational thought, as not everyone who has mental ill health will do them harm and no they wouldn’t give you the disease. So hey guess what if you are one of those that is frightened to talk about mental ill health you have a mental illness!

So let’s talk about mental health as if it was cancer, diabetes, or even a broken leg, and not be afraid to just listen to those that maybe unfortunate to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress etc. For sometimes just listening will help the person who is suffering and help the listener to understand what is going on.

Getting the right help can be a minefield. Going down the NHS route can take time and can be very restrictive. There are many good private psychotherapists and hypnotherapist that can help sufferers quicker.

I do believe that those who are suffering from some depressions, stress, and anxiety etc. can be helped through the talking therapies such as

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)
  • And the use of Hypnotherapy

In my opinion I would choose a therapist that practices both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

Ken Tait can be found on Twitter as @kiffty