Fecking digitals

I haven’t made a secret that I’ve been at odds with social media, especially Twitter, for some time now. I’ve stopped tweeting, I’ve deleted my account and I’ve restored it.

Twitter is a valuable tool for me. People look for the blog posts from this website and from my food website. During the time I deleted my account I got a feeling of relief but there were people I missed, people I found it hard to get in touch with otherwise and I felt a yearning to go back though I had no intention of doing so.

Then I started getting messages about my websites. People couldn’t find them and missed them so, since this website isn’t purely a vanity project, I returned to Twitter.

I’m still at odds with it. I feel awkward about chatting to people on there even though I know several of them in real life. I feel detached from all of them. Perhaps there’s an element of dissociation in the last bit.

During the last week I’ve been keeping my laptop in the cupboard bor most of the day and when I do take it out to use it I put a timer on it so I don’t used it for more than an hour a day. When I’m not using my iPad it gets switched off, right off.

I no longer have social media sites as my home page and so I have to physically type the name of them in. It doesn’t sound much but it amounts to quite a bit. 

Like many people, I have more than one device and whilst once they enhanced my life it feels that now they’ve taken over and so it’s time I showed them who was boss.

I think if I could go and live off grid I would because I think my disenchantment with fecking digitals and social networks is part of a desire to escape from the city and live in the back of beyond.

If you fancy making a documentary about a *coughs* year old woman who gives up material possessions for.the good life then let me know because I really would like to be unsociable again.