The family tree and not doing the laundry

The past few days I’ve been filling in my family tree on the Scottish side because now I’m not manic I’m exhausted from the experience. I’ve been napping in the afternoon and generally feeling washed out. It’s easy to sit at my desk and research details because if I don’t feel like doing it or I get tired then all I have to get up is walk away from it.

Not so the laundry as it has be done in a mini twin tub (yes they do still exist) and it takes time and usable energy and usable energy isn’t always a by product of mania.

The biggest positive of recent weeks is that since I’m only dipping a toe into Twitter to respond to tweets about a photo or a blog post I’m writing much more often and I’m enjoying it far more than I have for a long time. I had become less enamoured of it but I think that was Twitter draining me of the right to write in larger bursts than 140 characters. I had been thinking in tweets but now I can think about longer sentences, who paragraphs and entire blog posts.

Anyway, I’m hoping to do some laundry tomorrow and bake some bread. I haven’t thought about food as yet but then if I don’t feel like eating there’s plenty of places near to where I live that do reasonable food (and a few that don’t) so I’m not unduly worried even if the miser in me tells me not to waste money!