Exercise & the obsessive…

I’ve been putting weight on steadily for the last few years since a prolonged bout of food poisoning knocked a couple of stone off me and recently it’s got me down a bit. I don’t want to be as big as I was at my biggest but I’m also fearful of being as light as I was at my lightest.

There is no balance in my life, it’s an unattainable goal which I keep trying to hit and if I’m not overeating then I’m under-eating but I did think that I had a fairly healthy attitude to exercise. Then I bought a FitBit.

The FitBit (and others like it) are fabulous for keeping an eye on food and seeing what kind of rubbish you’re filling your body with but they also let you set goals and yes, my goals were set far too high. I’m not going to say what they were as the targets are irrelevant but what is relevant is my attitude towards them.

If I failed a target then I felt guilty and pushed myself too hard just to get there. A recently added dog to the household has also driven me further than I need to go. I have realised that, after just a few weeks, that it’s ok to cut back the targets, it’s ok to fail them and it’s ok to miss them by miles because over a longer period of time it will all pan out. What is important is that I’m eating better and more regularly and that’s the awareness I need not how many steps I’ve taken or miles I’ve walked.

I’ve lowered the targets on the device because sensible targets are good discipline but neither me or the dog are going to be on our knees anytime soon.