Decisions, decisions…

When I deactivated my Twitter account last week I had no idea of how it would impact on this website.

Over the past week I have been blogging more but, to be honest, it has been bad writing and those posts are going to be deleted. I was translating a series of tweets into blog posts and it just doesn’t work. Tweets have their merit, blog posts have theirs.

The number of people reading the blogs has, thankfully, fallen but that has made me think also. I started to link Twitter to my blog years ago and I have often had people saying to me that I just totally get what goes on inside their heads. To do that is amazing as I’ve rarely found someone who writes in a way that I get.

It’s not vanity (okay, just a little) that makes me want to increase the hits on my blog site again, it is genuinely wanting to reach out. I need to reach out as much as other people do. I’m not sure if this is making a lot of sense but some of you will get this.

Tweeting to the ether is one thing because you don’t really expect people to reply but writing a blog and really wanting to help and be helped doesn’t work if you’re just publishing to an empty sky.

So the dilemma is this – do I restart my Twitter account or not? I’ve actually already reactivated it but I think I have to start again with followers and followees. I’m already beginning to feel foolish for not thinking that through.

I left primarily because of the mob mentality but, to a certain extent at least, that wouldn’t happen quite so often if I didn’t fly off the handle or ignore the attempts of people to inflame situations.

So, what do I do?