Dear Kirstie

You are the darling of wannabe middle class women who imitate the way you dress and decorate their homes with a creepy slavishness almost chanting “Kirstie is our Goddess” as they tweet their attempts at copying the way you dictate they should style their homes on high days and holidays.

Harsh, perhaps but am I being more or less harsh than your recent tweet – see it below just to remind yourself what you have said:


You have no idea of why that person was eating that food at that time yet you decided that it’s terrifying that more than one person eats that way (one person isn’t indicative of a larger population) and you felt it was important for you to judge them.

I don’t have an eating disorder but I do have disordered eating and at least once a week a day of eating horrendously is par for the course. I have an extreme form of bipolar disorder and though I was a talented caterer at one time there are days when I can’t figure how to make a group of ingredients into a meal. Mania overtakes me and I eat compulsively whilst craving all the things that I know are not good for me, things like ham and cheese and pastries. The next day I’m back to eating reasonably healthy and submerged in guilt at what I do to my body.

If that person was a little like me or perhaps eating under the influence of Prader Willi Syndrome or an overeater or tired after working all night or all day and that was all that was on offer do you really think that it’s terrifying (it is believe me but not for the same reasons you state) or do you have an ounce of compassion for that person?

I know little about you Kirstie or your domestic and financial arrangements but I do know this – you’re a bad mannered, mean mouthed woman who thinks that just because she’s on television now and then and has a big Twitter following she can say what she wants and sod the consequences. You’re a bully Kirstie, a bully.