Birthday musings

I celebrated my (coughs) birthday today and it’s been brilliant.

The day didn’t start off well as a cyclist refused to dismount while the cycled on a really narrow pavement and there was no way either he or I could get onto the road as it was fenced off. I pointed out the sign that read Cyclists Dismount and asked him to get off his bike and walk it because he was taking up 3/4 of the pavement and would get in the way of people who, for one reason or another, couldn’t get out of the way.

Ogden barked through the whole of the exchange of me telling him he was selfish and him telling me I was singling out cyclists so that I could abuse them. After a few minutes he got off the cycle and Ogden thought he was being attacked and lunged towards him. He didn’t reach him but there was a theatrical cry and he told me I was being discourteous. Really? I walked away as quickly as I could because by this time I was angry and when I’m angry I make the Incredible Hulk look like a maiden aunt at a tea party.

By the time we’d finished our walk I was calm, Ogden was happy and we ran for a while on the way back home.

I had my morning planned – bake bread, do something with rhubarb, apple and ginger and make a pizza topping. I would have tweeted all the way through it normally and lost time as I went and, as a result, I would have been over tired and wish I hadn’t started.

This time I could power through it all. I devised a new bread recipe, made a mess with the rhubarb, apple & ginger which I can eat with skyr over the next few days. I had time to press the ginger with my mortar and pestle so I could extract the juice and give the whole mix a real kick.

I made a pizza topping and deviated from the one I usually do. I would normally make a bolognese sauce but today I started off with mince, added garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes and spring onions and a tablespoon of homemade raspberry vinegar. The tomatoes and the vinegar added a sweetness to the dish and so I squeezed some fresh lime juice in it to balance it. It has made a very good, and I mean very good, pizza topping. I’ll put it on the food website tonight.

As I baked and chopped things my thoughts wandered and occasionally a tweet or the makings of a tweet would pop up. I suppose it will take a while to stop thinking like that and these were the most notable and exciting:

  • Who is that Winston Wolfe bloke on the telly adverts?
  • The cat litter needs changing again.
  • Would anybody like a cup of tea?
  • I’m taking Ogden for a walk in a minute.
  • I’m back from taking for a walk.

I would have tweeted some photos, pushed my latest blog into your face and generally not tweeted with anybody outside of a small circle and perhaps not even then. I guess I just used Twitter for my own ends which doesn’t feel good or does everybody else do the same?

As I cooked things I could smell the cheese bread cooling and I felt contented and glad that I could do it. I think cooking is my biggest talent and I was in my happy place today.

Just after lunch I got three Happy Birthday texts. One I expected but not the other two so it felt like I’d been hugged out of the blue. I also received a rude birthday card from one of my closest friends who usually sends me one about my great age as I’m a couple of years older than him so rude made a nice change.

I walked down the Malago Greenway with Ogden this afternoon. It’s a quiet walk and the only sound is birds; it’s my oasis, I’m always at home in woods and wooded areas. On the way back we walked on the long, wet grass. I got my shoes and socks wet and he smiled as stopped to chew grass every few minutes until he was wet up to his knees.

A good day, an ideal birthday.