Appless but not hapless

Yesterday was a big eye opener for those of us with mental health problems as the Samaritan’s launched an invasive app that could leave us open to abuse and it has led to the right kind of Twitter furore. What has become apparent though is the reliance that some people appear to have on apps and plug ins. Stop.

The only apps you need to support somebody with a mental health problems are your mind and your heart. It really is that simple. Get to know the people you follow – we all have people we don’t tweet with much but we read their tweets don’t we? If we don’t then why do we follow them? For every Twitter account there’s a person behind it, get to know that person.

If you’re a tweeter that needs support for whatever reason then there’s ways to help yourself:

  • don’t be a one trick pony – talk about lots of things
  • don’t cry wolf – the one time you really howl with pain could be the time you are ignored
  • seek out positive people and learn from them – negativity and poor mental health don’t have to go hand in hand
  • be a person who gives of themselves – the best way to get support is to give support
  • don’t be a crutch and don’t use other people as a crutch
  • try to inform when you do have something important to say – people love to learn

Yes, I do try to do all these things myself and I’m sure that there’s day when I could do them better but I’m human not a machine.

I get a lot of support on Twitter and I’m really grateful for it and I know that when my back is hard against the wall there is always somebody with a guiding hand at my back. Often that guiding hand is unaware that they’re helping because support isn’t always something you give consciously. I sometimes tweet to the ether and as I do so a random remark on a totally unrelated subject sends me into a different way of thinking and allows me to access my inner strength. Hard sometimes but never impossible even on the very darkest of days.

Be a person – be appless not hapless.

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