Word of the Year 2017, Week Three

An awful lot has been going during the past 10 days or so as my 40 year old kitchen is in the process of being replaced. My landlord, the local council, has finally accepted that my address does exist (long story, too boring to tell) and is now fitting a new kitchen.

It hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be but when the stress does hit me I sleep it off. My dog get really stressed to the point where he gets hot and I have to take him outside to literally cool off.

This is the final few days so the people who are coming in to do the work are the quiet ones – tiler, decorator and finisher offer. The dog finds this a bit more acceptable and barks less though whines more.

The plumber came yesterday to fit in my new sink unit and to make sure that the connections for the new washing machine were good to go. He started talking about the people he meets doing his job and how they don’t understand that fitting a kitchen takes time. He said I was one of the most patient and affable people that he has come across.

Now anybody who knows me will know that I would never call my self either patient or affable and I am very much AWARE that I’m short-tempered and I don’t suffer fools (and everybody is a fool some days) gladly if at all.

So it’s good to know that, underneath my rattiness there is a person just below the surface that needs to come out more often and I am now very much AWARE that I have to let her off her leash at times.

Watch this space.