Park plans, IBS and the usual drivel

I retired from community work a long time ago – about six years ago. Voluntary work is a thankless task at the level I was doing it. It’s great if you’re working in a charity shop or as part of a team but if you’re leading the team or part of the decision making for… Continue Reading Park plans, IBS and the usual drivel

How to pronounce ciabatta, a rant & phoning the BBC while asleep

I’ve got listings on a website to update but I won’t be able to settle down and do them until I’ve written. I have little idea of what I need to say beyond the opening paragraph but I know I have something to say – whether it’s meaningful or not is unimportant. I’m wondering if… Continue Reading How to pronounce ciabatta, a rant & phoning the BBC while asleep

Feeling guilty and not feeling guilty

While I (and others) acknowledge that I have a hugely wild form of what is a spectrum illness and I’m on the extreme end of the worst I still find myself feeling guilty for only just managing it at times. I feel as though I should apologise for not doing enough and lacking the capability… Continue Reading Feeling guilty and not feeling guilty

The family tree and not doing the laundry

The past few days I’ve been filling in my family tree on the Scottish side because now I’m not manic I’m exhausted from the experience. I’ve been napping in the afternoon and generally feeling washed out. It’s easy to sit at my desk and research details because if I don’t feel like doing it or… Continue Reading The family tree and not doing the laundry

Today is gratitude day…

Yesterday was the final day of three days of mania. It was extreme irritability day (I was very annoyed with myself even) and it was breaking point day. If I were ever to commit suicide – and I sincerely hope that I never will – it would be on the final day of a manic… Continue Reading Today is gratitude day…

On being unbelievably ratty…

I’ve been really high manic again for three days and it’s wearing me out. I’ve baked bread and scones, I’ve done laundry, I’ve hoovered every day (unheard of) and walked for miles and it’s all taking it’s toll. When I have a long cycle through a very high mania I tend to have a build up over… Continue Reading On being unbelievably ratty…

Shredding, shredding, shredding

As you may guess by the title of this post I’ve been shredding a lot lately and doing even more decluttering around home than I thought was possible. I’m not the kind of person that holds on to possessions but they can always be just a little more organised. I used to live in chaos… Continue Reading Shredding, shredding, shredding

Old friends, yellowing photos and a sense of recklessness

I’ve been looking at some old photos recently as I’ve been doing some big time changes around the flat in anticipation of having a new kitchen done sometime this year. I can’t part with printed photos because if having a photo taken steals a part of your soul then surely if you destroy a photo you’re destroying… Continue Reading Old friends, yellowing photos and a sense of recklessness

The best laid plans…

Ogden is away until tomorrow afternoon as a practise for when I go away in August. I was supposed to be having oral surgery today but that fell through for a couple of reasons so I planned to go a museum today as I do Instagram tours of museums which is a lot of fun… Continue Reading The best laid plans…

Comparisons, absurdity and irrationality

I frequently tell people that they shouldn’t compare themselves to others. I tell them that it’s irrational because skills and talents aren’t about how well you do compared to others it’s about how they make you feel. I love taking photos and I’m nearly always pleased with the results so I’m happy with what I… Continue Reading Comparisons, absurdity and irrationality