A lot of drivel about me

I ramble a lot here at times and it’s a load of old shite some of those times. I’m not trying to be profound or clever or witty, I’m just being me and I’m content to be me.

The blogs about mental health are my own experience so if you’re expecting learned discussions, facts, figures and academic writing then you’re in the wrong place but please leave a comment if you feel you want to. It’s always good to hear from people.

The guest bloggers section is a bit sparse but I’m hoping to add some new pieces soon. If you’d like to write a piece for the guest bloggers section¬†about your mental health experience¬†then please do let me know and we can talk about it.

I am all for small, local mental health charities but I think the national ones such as Mind and Rethink have agendas that don’t include the welfare of people with mental health problems – they’re the tail wagging the dog.

I’m @WeirdSid on Twitter – I don’t follow huge amounts of people as my bipolar head can’t cope with a fast moving timeline and I just end up in tears but tweet me and say hello if you’d like to – I always reply!


7 thoughts on “A lot of drivel about me

  1. Love reading your writing. As someone with an anxiety disorder I think you’re very brave to share your feelings and write with such openness and honesty.

  2. Enjoyed reading the welcome. Always enjoy your baking photos and pictures of Ogden and co. I was sorry when Bowie died more because he was a similar age to me, Alan Rickman’s passing was sad too for the same reason, but I didn’t know them personally so it wasn’t heartbreaking! Keep taking your great photos.

  3. I work with people with learning disabilities and it is so hard when they also have mental health issues, the dual diagnosis doesnt work well with NHS. Love your blog and your courage

  4. We have to keep shouting out until the NHS learns to adapt! Thanks for your support Leila.

  5. Thank you Leila! Sorry for the late reply, just noticed I’d had a comment!

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