My ever changing moods

Afew weeks of time well spent and being productive is at an end. Today I’m back in the destructive rapid cycling that is more familiar to me than the brief periods of not quite remission.

I’ve had several mood changes this morning and I was lucky that I picked up on it as early as I did. I’m avoiding some social media for a few days and I’ll just let things take their course as this has proved to be the best way forward for me.

There are mood changes and in between a strange detached feeling that leaves me not quite in touch with reality and not quite out of touch with it. I’m absolutely sure that I haven’t upset anybody I know but I feel as though I have so it’s confusing to say the least.

So I’m holing myself up in the hermitage and I’m peeping out only if I want to. I carry my hermitage in my head as much as it being a physical space so even though I may look as though I’m stocking up on cat food in the supermarket I’m actually sat on top of a shed by a trout lake in a secluded wood in North Yorkshire. See you when I get back.