I’m feeling abandoned…

The advice for everybody when it comes to filling in the ESA form is to get expert help. This morning I rang the experts to be told that they don’t/won’t/can’t help. So I have to ask myself what are the mental health charities for if they don’t help you fight the things that could kill you? One local branch of a national network has “adjusted” research figures to get the stats they want, had a “manager” who stole from clients when he wasn’t making sexually suggestive comments to them and, as I’ve found out today, doesn’t help people in need. Why are they getting funding exactly?

If there was ever a day I felt the lowest of the low then today is it. Kicked in the teeth whilst lying in the gutter.

One thought on “I’m feeling abandoned…

  1. We your contacts, albeit not experts are still here for you. In addition remember you have your support network-it is OK to calling them, just hang onto that and you will get through this!

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