High tide on the Thames and Kafka’s diaries

Despite doing a digital declutter and deleting apps from my phone I decided to give one I’d had for a while another go. The problem with it was that I couldn’t get it work and I knew it had to be something simple and I knew if I could master it then it would mean that I could take photos directly from my point and shoot and put them on my phone then post them on Instagram quickly instead of having to put them in Dropbox. I concentrated really hard and I managed it so I’m pleased with myself.

I’m a bit high today and it’s been productive energy which I’m also pleased about. I have clean underwear drying, bread proving and a happy set of animals as a result of the energy.

My sister shared some Kafka quotes with me earlier on today and it’s made me want to read his diaries again. He is my one true love and I feel as though I disappear when I read his words –  I feel protected against the world. I’m aware at how pretentious that may sound but it’s something I feel deeply.

This morning I woke from dreaming that the Thames had breached its banks down by Battersea Bridge. I took photos of the rolls of water as they headed towards the embankment and moved back further across the road as the waves got closer to me. There was no traffic on the roads and all I could hear was the sound of the water. A big white wave rolled really quickly in my direction and as it did all the photos on my camera disappeared. I don’t think that there’s any deep meaning to the dream except, perhaps, to remind me that if something isn’t visible that it can still have happened and not everything is permanently recorded.

Deep or bullshit? You choose.

IMG_7159 (2)