Digging up spuds, walking in a wood and a nice curry

I took Ogden out for his walk this morning armed with some gardening tools to harvest some potatoes and cut some lavender from the community beds in the park where we walk most days. I’ve done a lot of weeding there – more than most of the group who are supposed to look after it – and having noticed that the potatoes were more than ready I decided to harvest some.

I dug up enough spuds to last me two days or so and some lavender to dry. I also cut back the lavender that had been inexpertly cut – you don’t just snip the flower heads off, you cut right back to the two leaves that are way down the stem – and tied it ready to hang up as soon as I got back home.

It was a nice half hour and Ruth who owns Ogden’s friend Frankie was there to help and chat to. We discussed how to preserve gooseberries (I’m big on flavoured pickling when it comes to anything) and how I’ll be candying some pickled limes and lemons I’ve done with liquorice root.

I got back home to have just enough time to have a quick breakfast and then meet my friend Gemma, her little girl Alice and her boxer dog Peanut. Our aim was to walk through Manor Woods (river side first then up through the wood) then off to the pub for lunch. Ogden had a different idea of how we should spend this morning.

He decided to go up into the wood and left us behind. When we got to where he’d ran off he was out of sight. We were only a minute or so behind him so I fully expected him to leap out of a bush with a bird in his mouth at any minute but he didn’t. He didn’t respond to calls or whistles and after about 20 minutes we could hear him barking down by the river. He was alive, well and still on the same patch of land as we were at least.

Forty-five minutes later we still hadn’t found him. I was beginning to panic a bit. Dogs will always come back when the bond with their owner is strong but if they can’t find their owner then they panic and Ogden has no road sense…

I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognise to say another dog owner had found him and had put him on a spare lead. We were only a few minutes apart from one another so it was a swift reunion. He was so pleased to see me and I was really, really happy to see him. His belly was damp so he’d been in the river and I have no doubt that a squirrel was involved in this particular incident.

We got to the pub too early for lunch so we had a drink, watched Alice eat huge amounts of ice cream and I came home for an amazing curry with some of the spuds I’d dug up this morning. Both Ogden and I are now barely awake and one of us is farting a bit. I’m not saying who mind – I can’t incriminate either of us!

Had I been tweeting today this would have been a pretty ordinary day sent out in a short series of tweets and it’s not that an interesting day is it? It’s a story of how my dog got lost and how I found him. I could tart it up some embellishments but sometimes, most of the time, life is just ordinary.

I was thinking in terms of tweets today – how they would have been worded etc. and it occurs to me that it’s all about smallness. I really think that social media, and particularly Twitter, have made my life smaller as I’ve been sharing it. I think the decision to leave it alone, at least for a while, is the right one.